Nobody Wants to Feel Like Just Another Name in Your Database


There’s no greater kiss of death to your fundraising appeals than starting your letter or email with the tired, boring, and predictable, “To Whom It May Concern …”

Mass-targeted greetings are cold, impersonal, and rather effortless. They could be for anybody in your database.

And nobody wants to feel like just another name in your database.

Effective fundraising lives and dies on the type of connection you’re able to make with supporters. In order to connect, however, you’ve got to know something about them, group them accordingly, and tailor specific messages to certain segments.

When you create and send specially written appeals to a designated audience, you dramatically improve your chances for increasing support and donations. 

In this FREE resource, we give you 8 best practices and basic ways for segmenting your donor list.

Find out:

  • What criteria to use when creating donor segments
  • How to set goals for your segmentation efforts and why that's important 
  • What types of messages resonate best with specific audience segments