Our mission is to transform nonprofit operations so we can transform the world together.


We’ve played an integral role in managing mid-sized and enterprise-level nonprofit organizations for more than three decades. Though our software has evolved over the years, our mission has remained the same. We are problem-solvers, experts, partners, fundraisers and peers.

Our Foundation

Our Foundation

Hayne Baucom develops a fundraising database for World Vision in 1962. The database, one of the first customer relationship management databases of its kind, becomes the foundation for’s software.

Donor Automation

Donor Automation

Baucom founds Donor Automation in 1975 and designs a full line of products which later become’s core systems. Billions of dollars in funds pass through the system, which is acquired by DonorWare LLC in 2001.

Modern-Day Success

Modern-Day Success is now an independent, growing company carrying on the missions and values its members have supported long before it was founded.

COMPANY CULTURE is a mission-minded team of talented individuals who work in the trenches every day to make a difference. We value passion, innovation and collaboration and seek to expand our organization with others who share those values.



Our leadership team is a group of mission-minded professionals who are passionate about making an impact on the world. We come from a broad range of backgrounds and bring expertise in a variety of areas, including accounting, marketing, programming and much more. 

Alistair Perumal Alistair Perumal COO
destefano.png John DeStefano Vice President
Bruce Milne Bruce Milne