iATS Payments

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  • Everything has worked very smoothly, and it has been an incredibly user-friendly process for our staff to navigate the TntMPD DataServer website. We are very happy to provide timely information about gifts for our staff members, as it helps them to thank their ministry partners, plan well for future ministry endeavors, and keep track of the ministry partner development in a clear manner.

    Carissa Kienzle // Director of Operations, Global Training Network
  • We are very satisfied with the product and the work that you have done to customize DASCO for our use.

    Neil Campbell // North American Coordinator, Family Foundations
  • We had a 14 percent increase in the number of gifts (donations) last year and we couldn’t handle it without additional staff. Without this system, we ran about one week behind and held work parties to catch up. Now we can handle most gifts the same day the mail comes in and we were able to transfer three people to other areas needing help.

    Neil Campbell // North American Coordinator, Family Foundations