Donor Relationship Management Software

Your donors are committed to your cause.

Show them you’re committed to them.


Our donor relationship management module makes it easy to communicate with donors and provides meaningful insights so you can build strong relationships.

Go Beyond a First-Name Basis

Your team can maintain detailed records of all donors, sponsors, volunteers and media contacts and their history with your organization. All of it is seamlessly integrated with other programs within our software suite so you can manage payments, emails, reporting and website analytics at the same time.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Pledge Management
  • Child or Missionary Sponsor System
  • Extensive Donation Tracking
  • Full Credit Card Integration
  • Prospect Management for Acquisition Campaigns
  • Receipt Segmentation
  • Financial Controls
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Easily Accessible

Find all the essential details on your donors with a simple search.

Our search functionalities allow you to access donor records by name, email address, phone number and more. Once you find the donor you’re looking for, double click for more details. You’ll find all the relevant basic information as well as a comprehensive donation history.

Easily Accessible
Updated in Real Time
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Updated In Real Time

Stop the spreadsheet madness

Each record is automatically updated when your donors make an online donation from anywhere in the world. You can view details about the giving history, gift amount, demographics and more. Within minutes, you can easily compile lists of donors who match a certain criteria for streamlined reporting. You can also receive notifications of donors whose payments have lapsed or whose credit cards are set to expire.

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Financial Data You Can Bank On

Sort donations by fund designation and source to track marketing ROI and more.

Is it difficult to get a handle on which donations are benefitting a particular cause? Is it next to impossible to determine which marketing materials had the most impact on donors? It shouldn’t be. With our donor relationship management module, all donations are automatically designated by fund and motivation so you can see which ads or appeals triggered the most responses.

Financial Data You Can Bank On

Suite Pricing

Our Packages Are Scalable to Fit Your Organization's Needs


1 - 499 managed
donor contacts



500 - 999 managed
donor contacts



1,000 - 9,999 managed donor contacts


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10,000+ managed
donor contacts