Pledge and Sponsorship

Don't get bogged down
by accounting details.


Don’t get bogged down by accounting details. Our software module manages pledge and sponsorship records so you can focus on what matters most.

Let Your Subscription Programs Run Themselves

Spend your time championing your cause, not keeping track of gift subscriptions, contracts and renewals. Our software module allows you to manage paid and free subscriptions, gift subscriptions, promotions and other special offers, as well as all the financial details that go with them.

Key Features

  • Gift Subscription Management
  • Management of “Free” Gifts
  • Renewal Management
  • Subscription Liability Tracking
  • Gift Subscriptions
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Be Productive

Send renewals before expiration dates to both givers and recipients

Our software module allows you to track subscription expirations so you can notify both the giver and recipient. This allows donors to continue giving without interruption and recipients to continue to enjoy the rewards of an ongoing relationship.

Be Proactive
Save Time and Plan Ahead
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Save Time and Plan Ahead

Track the remainder of subscription copies owed, along with the dollar value

Tracking payments and liability is a necessary but cumbersome part of sponsorship programs. Why spend hours of your staff’s time on that when they can focus on more important matters? Our software module automatically updates essential subscriptions. This allows you to easily see the monthly liability for as far into the future as the subscription continues so you can have greater budget certainty.

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Be a Multi-tasking Master

Easily complete data entry with all types of dollars and gifts in kind

Data entry is all handled in batches, ensuring you will have an easy time tracking funds from the web and different operators on each calendar day.  Dollars entered as cash or check, ACH/EFT, credit card, gift in kind or reference gift are all entered in one screen for ease and efficiency. 

Be a Multi-Tasking Master

Suite Pricing

Our Packages Are Scalable to Fit Your Organization's Needs


1 - 499 managed
donor contacts



500 - 999 managed
donor contacts



1,000 - 9,999 managed donor contacts


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10,000+ managed
donor contacts