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Six Signs You Need a New Donor Management System

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Is your donor management system causing you headaches? Are you on the verge of smashing things in your office because you feel victim to your software? Your donor management platform needs to be the right solution for you but often people don’t realize that there are better services out there. Let us help you identify pain points that shouldn’t even be on your radar. Below are six signs that it is time for a switch to

  1. You work for your software. Donor management software is meant to be a helpful tool for the user. If you spend too much time negotiating with your computer to get the results you intend, you may need to switch your platform. Your software should work for you…not you for the software.
  2. You’re relying on the unreliable. If you have your donor contacts organized in an unreliable system (excel spreadsheet, anyone?), it is time to switch. Whether its too slow or difficult to access, not backed by solid support, only works half the time or requires crazy workarounds to do what you need to do, there is a better way! Donor relations is the nucleus of fundraising, and your contacts are only as good as their accessibility. If your solution is not reliable, it may be time for a switch.
  3. You feel as though you must have missed user training. If your software is not user-friendly enough for you to log in and accomplish your tasks easily, then you have the wrong software. A management platform is meant to be accessible and usable. If yours is not both, then let’s talk.
  4. You can do it all…but not in one place. No need to log in one system for some event registration stats and another system for other bulk email abilities. A one-stop donor management software does not have to be just a dream. And not only is it more user friendly to house everything under one roof, but it’s also most effective for your organization to ensure all of your systems actually work together in an efficient manner. If your software is not a one-stop solution, then it’s time to update.
  5. You need multiple reports to gather necessary information. We’ve all been there: you have to log into one system to get some data. Run report. Logout. Log in another system and collect more data. Logout, only to realize you forgot a step. This is an unnecessary waste of time. Donor software should allow you to log in, gather all necessary data, run a crystal-clear report, and print it without hassle.
  6. You want to switch but are scared of what it will cost. We have good news! For a limited time, will migrate your current platform for FREE (up to $10,000). Contact us today and make the switch to a user-friendly, all-in-one, efficient, affordable solution.

If you relate to any of these issues, then it is time we meet. Contact us today to allow us to help you make the switch to an effective, efficient, affordable, all-in-one donor management platform with

(This post was first published on in December 2016.)